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What information does GreatFire know?

  • We may collect information that is NOT personal information and does not identify you. 

  • We may log standard technical information, such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address, identification of your browser software and your operating system, and info about the link you followed to access our Tools & Services, if any.

  • GreatFire does NOT store this information for any longer than is necessary to provide you with access to the Tools & Services, and we anonymize, obfuscate, aggregate and/or delete unneeded technical information.

  • GreatFire does NOT share, rent, or sell your personal information.

  • We can see the number of user sessions and the country. And that's about 

What information does Google know?

  • The app is based on Chromium, which is what Google’s Chrome browser is based on. It offers the same level of privacy as Chrome.