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How safe is it to give people an app to put on their phones?

There is always a risk to circumventing censorship and accessing information that the authorities do not want people to access. Individuals must make their own choices regarding what level of risk they are willing to accept to be able to access uncensored information. This application allows users to access information that is blocked without having to use any other circumvention tool and without the need to pay money.


This application DOES NOT scan your device to see if you may already have malicious software installed. This application CANNOT prevent monitoring of your network by the authorities.


In some locations around the world, individuals may be asked to hand over their devices for inspection. If you believe that your potential users may live in a location where the likelihood that their device may be inspected by the authorities is high, we recommend that you choose a throwaway name for your application (i.e. “Flowers”) and choose an inconspicuous icon for your application (i.e. an image of a flower). 


Is internet traffic from an AppMaker app encrypted?



How do I know that the app I create with AppMaker doesn’t have a backdoor, monitoring or other vulnerability?

The app has been audited for security by an independent firm. Results of the security audit can be reviewed here:


Apps created using AppMaker are powered by Envoy, which can be reviewed here: