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How to use AppMaker

How to use AppMaker

How to use AppMaker 

You can create your own Android app to access blocked websites without a VPN on your mobile phone. 
It's free and easy to use, only takes 1-2 minutes to create an app. 

  1. Name your app as you like. 

  2. Put an URL of the website you create as an app in the "Home Page" box 

  3. Choose any image you want to use as an app icon to show on your mobile. 

  4. Click to create an app. 

  5. Download the APK file and install it on your mobile device. 

  6. You can share your app with others by simply sending them its QR code image, download page link, or APK file. 

*Tip!! You can also browse any other blocked websites on the app. It works as a circumvention browser without using a VPN.
You can watch AppMaker's demonstration video for Code for All Summit 2022 on YouTube: